Birthday Boy!

I love a party!  When I ask ‘what can I bring’, I love to hear ‘bring dessert, please’ – which I realize speaks volumes about me.  I especially love being asked to bring dessert when
it is a birthday cake for my 2 year old grandson!  The traditional cake for any birthday in our clan is yellow cake with lots of chocolate butter cream frosting.

only the number of candles varies


birthday boy with his ‘new’ vintage rocking chair


and balloons


Mickey Mouse even attended as a favorite dinner plate


and Pippi Longstocking…..


may all his wishes come true



What do you love to bring to a party???


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2 responses to “Birthday Boy!

  1. Karen

    I make an angel food cake and before frosting it I cover quarters, and one 1 dollar coin in wax paper and make slits around the cake and stick the covered coins in and then icing goes on. That is a tradition from my mother to me and now to Seana who does make the same cake for her new family….Traditions are special, they make a cozy place in our hearts. Happy Birthday to the Birthday boy!!!

  2. Your birthday cake is the BEST! I can’t believe there are already two candles on the cake… and he still looks a lot like Chad… or maybe that’s just me. 🙂
    What do I love to bring to a party? Well, if you ask me today I would say fresh baked bread, good cheese, and some quince paste!

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