Bending Wire

Several years ago, strolling the side streets near the Palais de Papes on my last day in Avignon, I happened upon the studio and shop:   Vox Populi.  Intrigued by the window display, I was drawn into the world of whimsical wire sculpture created by artist Pascal Palun.

Provence (312)

I had already purchased a vintage dress in St Remy for my infant granddaughter,


but now I had to have her name in wire!


I have since been inspired to bend some wire myself.

Using crystals from old chandeliers, I have fashioned a garland that hangs across my kitchen window,



made ornaments,


and stakes to hold table numbers for a son’s wedding reception.


My current project:  adding wire and beading to a chandelier frame to hang in the orchard for another son’s wedding this summer.


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  1. Karen

    Oh, Susan…love that whimsical touch. Seana is having her wedding this summer in our back yard (they spent all their “wedding money” on thier house so a winery wedding is out). We have a large backyard and I want to fill it with lights and maybe you wouldn’t mind if I borrowed your idea of the wire decorations. If we were close I would be following you around like a little puppy, you are so talented!

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