Soup Dedication

To all my family, friends, and followers who still find themselves in the grip of winter – this recipe is for you!  If you have not had a good cauliflower soup, it might not be your go-to choice on a chilly day.  I admit the sound of it is a bit off-putting – however – I actually made it twice last week – I had forgotten what a great flavor, texture and warmth it offers.

So simple:  one head of cauliflower, a wedge of gorgonzola, a bit of heavy cream, chicken broth, salt and pepper to taste.




bring broth to a boil, add cauliflower and simmer until pieces soften and begin to break apart


add gorgonzola and salt and pepper to taste, and cream, whisk to desired consistency, and serve piping hot


– also offers a great excuse to dip a chunk of warm crusty bread –


A bit of chopped chives as garnish would have been lovely, but it was too cold to venture to the garden…..


PS:  Limoncello update

The simple syrup has been added to the lemon rind and vodka!

Bottling, tasting and serving suggestions coming soon.


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  1. Karen

    OMIG…your blog has become my favorite for recipes and I am going to try this tonight. You have not let me down yet. ;o)

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