Roman Doors

The recent media attention on the Papacy has sent me to the pictures of our last visit to Vatican City and Rome. 


As we walked the streets of the city,  I was drawn to all the doors.  So many tantalizing questions:  what interior space lies behind each one,  who lives or works there,  what treasures might be within,  what dramas might have played out inside, who designed the hidden spaces – the doors themselves…..who chose the intriguing hardware for the doors………….???

Whose hands have raised these door knockers to signal their presence and wish to be admitted…………???











So tempting to knock….and wait…………………..

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One response to “Roman Doors

  1. Karen

    I have always been enamoured with brass knocks. My friend has one on her door, as do I. When I use it at my friends she says she knows it is me because no one else uses it. I feel they are so much more personal than ringing a bell……

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