Weddings past

Predictably, my head is filled with all things ‘wedding’!  I’ve been thinking of the weddings of the past that have brought my youngest son to be in this time and place, readying for his own wedding.

Although I have no picture of my paternal grandparent’s wedding in 1909, I do have artifacts….my grandmother’s ensemble, complete with hat, her locket which now contains pictures of her husband and two surviving sons, and my grandfather’s pocket watch.













George Wallingford Downs, Sr.                           Lena Miller

In 2009 we dressed ‘scarecrows’ and set them in the lawn as guests, 100 years later, at their great-grandson’s wedding.


Do you think they should be in attendance at the upcoming wedding of another great-grandson as well???


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2 responses to “Weddings past

  1. Karen Blake

    Sometimes, when you walk down the roads of long ago, you bring tears to my eyes. If it were Seana’s wedding (that I am still to have in my back yard, hopefully sooner than later) she would insist on the attendance. Seana is so full of the past, she devours it whenever a taste of it comes around… And on top of that she is an “old soul”. So Yes, Yes, they must be in attendance!

  2. Karen Blake

    More on the above…the buttons are exquisite, the hat OMIG…so perfect and the locket with the pictures a precious gift from the past.

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