Paris flower market

Guest blogger:  Susan Estabrook  aka ‘E’

Leaving before dawn to arrive at the market by 6 am.


A virtual city of endless vendors offering flowers from all over the world.


Anything flower, greenery or floral accessory is in great supply.  It’s all business, in that the vendors are doing a brisk trade with their regular customers.









The very best kind of overwhelm for a lover of flowers!



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4 responses to “Paris flower market

  1. Karen Blake

    The smell of all those flowers must be intoxicating… lovely!

  2. Susan Estabrook

    W: Beautifully done! Thank you. It’s been raining for 4days….unrelenting cold rain..have braved it and gone out in it, but, must admit it is getting old! Cannot believe my time is almost ended here.flying home on 26th. Very mixed feelings. Cannot believe the “pre wedding construction zone”! Amazing. Cannot wait to see you and all the progress. Soggily yours, E

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  3. Jan Newman

    “W” and “E”, when put together you make…”WE”…such a powerful combination of creativity!! Love your blog W and your guest E blogger!

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