Forging Ahead – Part 1 – the Craviotto Brothers – Steel Fabrication

Entering the corrugated metal building, directly off the sidewalk at the corner of Anacapa and Ortega in downtown Santa Barbara was like stepping back in time…..




notes still on the chalkboard


tools seemingly just laid aside


a wall where hand forged branding irons had been tested


  protective gear hung, ready for the next day… though the workers had just left for the evening


The Craviotto brothers, E.J. (Erasmus) and Fred, were the founders of the business established in 1916.  Brothers, Charles and Daniel, later took over the iron works from their father, E. J.*

*information from Santa Barbara New Press obituary

Since 2000, when the doors were closed on the Craviotto business, the building had languished, full of history, memories and potential, awaiting yet another set of brothers to breathe life back into the space.

to be continued……………..

Forging Ahead – Part 2 – the Patterson Brothers – Santa Barbara Forge & Iron

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