A Stitch in Time

Associate blogger and photographer – Haven Rose

Lena laid aside her hand work, placing the needle securely in the spool of thread…………….never to be picked up again.


Pieces of fabric cut for the Hexagon quilt, along with the pattern made of sand paper were neatly tucked into the box.






A section of a new ‘flower’, with a needle waiting to be drawn through the fabric…..


lay atop completed sections.….


ready to be pieced together with pink hexagons to join them to the growing quilt top.


And so the materials remained for 60, 70, perhaps 80 years.

Even now, half a century after Lena’s death, they remain essentially the same.

The box and twenty circles of Dresden Plates ……


inherited along with

brown and white quilt made by my great grandmother Susan Houston Downs and my great great aunts the Houston sisters in Michigan between 1880-1890


red and white star quilt pieced by my great great grandmother Ruth Miller in about 1900


blue and white quilt made by my grandmother Lena Miller Downs


along with unfinished quilt tops



I love Nona’s quilts a lot. They’re so cool!


Haven Rose, age 7, is the great great great granddaughter of Susan Houston Downs,

great great great granddaughter of Ruth Miller,

 great great granddaughter of Lena Miller Downs

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One response to “A Stitch in Time

  1. Karen

    How rich you must feel to have such a glorious treasure! Like Haven said they are “So cool”.

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