Meanwhile back at the ranch…episode 5

“Could I have that Duo/Storm dinner in the field?”

The answer is YES!


Samantha Hutchinson – Could I Have That? – fashion and lifestyle blogger, arranged a Fall Wine Dinner in the field behind the house featuring

Duo Catering and Storm Wines 



  wine pairings and commentary by Ernst Storm


Ernst and Brooke


-learn more about Ernst and his amazing wines at

together with multiple courses of fabulous food from


Ashley and Brian of Duo Events



-be sure to go to their website to see video of the evening complete with food preparation in my kitchen-


made for an unforgettable balmy fall evening under a full moon.

p.s. it’s not too early to start planning a fun fall event!

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One response to “Meanwhile back at the ranch…episode 5

  1. Karen Blake

    Watched the Video, so much fun to have someone else fix dinner and I love the idea of having dinner out in the “field” We had to have a dinner in our backyard because we could not get my mother up the stairs to eat on the porch, at 92 she is in a wheelchair. No caterers, just Rod and Me…but I would love to do it your way, and maybe someday, I will….

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