Island Time…

 As the big event in our lives is fast approaching with all the excitement and endless lists, I am dreaming of:


…unique to Martha’s Vineyard and reflected in the very way of life.


my definition of Island Time:  life at a different pace; slow, relaxed, of another era

Perhaps experienced in a nearly 400 year old salt box reminiscent of a time that, at least from this perspective, seems simpler and more secure


…if the day has turned chilly, a bright fire in the dining room


and a dreamy bed to fall into whenever you choose to end your day.


Or, if you find yourself in the cottage across the field,


  with the matriarch of the family sitting at the bow window…..


anxiously waiting to hear of your sailing exploits on the pond,


as you long for a nap in the quiet of an upstairs bedroom.


 Simply dreaming of these wonderful times and places slows the heart rate and calms the soul.

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