Meanwhile back at the ranch…episode 7

As exterior preparations for the wedding have been taking place, I’ve been contemplating one task on my list for quite some time:  how to fashion pillows from vintage hankies for the two 2 1/2 year-olds (one a nephew of the bride, one a nephew of the groom) who will be bearing the rings down the aisle between the lemon trees.  Simple, small, traditional….

Should I stitch them up on my grandmother’s Featherweight Singer…..


the one she purchased a year after I was born, and used to make dresses for me when I was small




and passed on to me complete with original case, manual, tools and attachments.



-the groom had baby clothes sewn on this very machine-

or should I stitch them with needle and thread, using my grandmother’s scissors and thimble, taking time in the quietness to reflect on all that is at hand and all that has gone before…



…in the end I opted for the simplest of designs and a serene interlude to contemplate the blessings of a rich heritage,  and to pray for the future.IMG_6124

p.s.  don’t tell Sebastian and Curren that they won’t be carrying the real rings!!!!!


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3 responses to “Meanwhile back at the ranch…episode 7

  1. Wonderful heirlooms and a charming story. Thanks so much for sharing it with us. 😉 Love the decoration on the scissors and thimble.

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