Last weeks of summer….

As you can imagine, the pace of life here has slowed considerably since the events of July!  What marvelous memories….. and now some sweet time to linger over a meal, perhaps, reminiscing………

I love to cook – well actually I love to feed people (and myself)!  And I love to read – cookbooks!  I’ve pulled these off the shelf to inspire some late summer meals:


I love family stories and pictures and recipes together.


My sous-chef’s response when she first saw this one in my kitchen:  ‘Nona, don’t you know how to boil an egg???’


You already know of my infatuation with this one!


In order to keep the promise I have made to myself not to buy any more cookbooks, I pacify myself each Sunday morning after church at the local deli where we go for coffee.  While my husband is at the register, I go to the shelves of cookbooks and have a peek at the latest editions…usually I am strong and walk away…somehow this one recently found its way to the counter with me….


What are you dreaming about for your late summer menus???


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2 responses to “Last weeks of summer….

  1. Karen Blake

    We love to eat on our back porch, after finally getting rid of the wasps that love to bother JUST me when I am trying to enjoy a meal. Rod is our main cook, I am the only baker. All of his meals have a dash of Texan flair to them and with our Sun Tea that has been brewing outside for at least 3hours, it is nice to sit and contemplate the day that was…..

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