What if……………

In the introduction to his book New Farmhouse Style, Terry John Woods makes what I consider to be a defining distinction with regard to design that transcends any one style.  “….this is not a how-to or a recipe book, but rather a what -if book”.  To paraphrase his point:  the recipe will tell you the ingredients to use – the how-to will give you exact measurements and instructions.    Instead, what if you look at design ideas and decorate with the things you love and that bring you comfort?”

Now….don’t think that I am advocating against my profession!  Education, experience and a good eye are an essential part of the design equation.  A design professional will integrate scale, balance, and color to bring harmony, while using what you love to live with in pleasing ways.

What if………….. you displayed a group of Tiffany boxes to accent the color scheme in a room


or filled a glass bowl with baseballs


or gathered favorite ‘smalls’, each with its own story, into a collage


or used a favorite painting as inspiration for a fireplace design


or hung family pictures, sketches and memorabilia to enhance a hallway


or displayed artifacts gathered while traveling, reminding you of past adventures


What if you created a home reflective of who you are, surrounding you with beauty and meaning!!!

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  1. Anna Abbey

    Beautiful, thoughtful, creative ideas!

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