Haute Hotel

Yet another reason to love the south of France!

La Mirande in Avignon

Provence (4)

The hotel sits on the site of the 14th Century Cardinal’s residence directly across from

the Palais des Papes, home to six Popes during the 14th Century

Provence (318)

the La Mirande is as opulent (with typical Provencal restraint) on the inside as it is austere on the exterior

wall covering in a public room

Provence (3)

the breakfast room echoes the provencal light…soft and warm

a magical way to start the day

Provence (308)

Provence (309)

the atrium in the afternoon…tea, coffee or perhaps a glass of wine
plus conversation with a woman with a fascinating  history………



a lovely late evening meal to discuss the days delights


then off to my room for the night



wall covering

Provence (106)

window thrown open to enjoy the balmy June evening air and sounds from the cobbled street below

if you look closely you can just see a single arch of the Palais des Papes across the way

Provence (105)

floor tile

Provence (107)

an exquisite experience on many levels!!!

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