…in all its glory

Provence (19)

while the fragrance is magnified, the blossoms can take on a melancholy aspect on a drizzly day

Provence (15)

every other row clipped to a perfect sphere

Provence (118)

I love the straight, clean lines of this variety

Provence (122)

Provence (97)

and the naturally rounded growing habit

Provence (241)

Provence (242)

Provence (66)

a delight to the senses and the soul!!!


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2 responses to “LAVENDER…

  1. James Mattinson

    Dear Susan,

    Can you give me some of that? I love lavender, but I don’t know how to manage it.

    Jim and I were trying to come up with something better than blog. We were unable to come up with an acronym-like substitution, but Jim came up with “design diary”. He calls you the diva of design. So how about, design diva’s diary? Your compositions are wonderful.


  2. Karen Blake

    Truly glorious…Lavender and Lilacs two of my favorite flowers to look at and smell….

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