Planning ahead for spontaneity

I’ve dreamed of being spontaneous – ready instantly for any eventuality life might bring.  Alas, I am not by nature given to acting on sudden impulses.  To paraphrase Webster, I am not given to acting without effort and premeditation.  Consequently, I am learning to plan to be spontaneous.

I don’t know about your world, but in mine, being spontaneous with family and friends most often involves food.  Having ingredients on hand is essential – a complicated recipe is not.

 enamel roasting pan


olive oil

 onion, sliced


add lemons, cut in wedges and squeezed

 garlic cloves, peeled


 whole chicken(s)

 lemons halved, squeezed into and put in the cavities

seasoned with salt, pepper, and fresh rosemary


partially baked, potatoes added


baked a bit longer, carrots added


asparagus added


served on a big platter in the middle of the table


along with arugula dressed with olive oil and balsamic,

enough to feed and appeal to a crowd of various ages.


Are you naturally spontaneous, or working on it???….I’d love to hear your stories!


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2 responses to “Planning ahead for spontaneity

  1. Karen Blake

    Spontaneous, ha….so not me. I even still read recipes I have had for years. My husband, Rod, and my daughter can see a dish in their minds and then just whip it up. And that is good. But when it comes to a well baked pie or cake or muffins. My recipes and careful preparation have turned out dishes that are never refused. From the time we met, I have known that my husband is so much better at “putting together” a meal at a moments notice that would turn heads, than me. I don’t mind. I am a dreamer, I need rules and recipes to keep me grounded. By the time I touch ground and then consider the good and the bad of something, somehow all the spontaneity is gone. But I am learning to accept that even that is OK…..

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