Tell me a story……

Surfaces, layered with paint, worn by time and loving use are so appealing to me.  As I have aged I have come to appreciate the signs of wear on cherished belongings… and beloved faces – they all have a story to tell.

what mother’s hand polished the back of this high chair by pushing her little ones up to the table…


how many dishes scraped across this French metal table top as summer meals were cleared


when was this molding removed from its original home and fashioned into a picture frame


why was this oval frame meticulously stripped, leaving just a beauty mark of old paint


who were the small girls who slept in these beds, perhaps scarring the paint during pillow fights


which young girl sat with her brush and mirror at this small vanity, dreaming….


where was the bouquet placed that had been so carefully arranged


and where now the baby, who once was pushed in the stroller


who turned this door knob in hopes of finding a child home for a visit on the other side…paint chipped perhaps by wedding bands long worn



so many questions, so many stories to tell……….

do you have a favorite story to tell, a number one


perhaps a number two??????


or more………………???


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3 responses to “Tell me a story……

  1. Karen

    My poor Seana. Every detail of her youth has been documented by an old book, so loved that even before she could read she was able to recite the story to me, or an old dress, a favorite that I have saved for her young girl (maybe not appropriate for a young son haha) and dolls. Oodles and oodles of dolls. Barbies, Cabbage Patch, Lee Middleton’s baby dolls that looked like real babies, and Mama Mama dolls. And then there are pictures. So many pictures. How many moments have come back to life and warm my heart by simply looking at an old picture….

  2. Anna Abbey

    Love the photos & the questions! We share this world with past/present/future.

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