Garrett Speirs

In keeping with my desire as a designer in Santa Barbara to support local business, I love to incorporate, whenever possible, the work of local artists into my interior design projects.  Painting local scenes from the south coast and the Santa Ynez Valley – as well as other venues – has made Garrett Speirs a favorite.  His en plein air interpretation of his subject matter enhances any decor.


At around age six Garrett began painting in oils, as the best way he felt able to express himself.  Having studied art at UCLA, his mother was supportive.    Speirs went on to earn a BFA at the University of Utah, an MA from Cranbrook Academy of Art, and studied in Italy.






His paintings are exhibited for sale locally at Rooms & GardensIMG_1797

private collection


private collection


Asked if he would like to add a comment, Speirs replied: ” look for things made by hand not machine”.


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2 responses to “Garrett Speirs

  1. Really very special work! It’s our local artists that give projects a special, custom touch! Love it!

  2. James Mattinson

    Dear Susan,

    Speirs is an impressive and very competent painter. I would guess collector’s are probably snapping up his work.


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