Meanwhile back at the ranch…episode 13

Activity in the yard and orchard slows substantially as fall progresses…especially with the end of daylight savings time.  There are, however, still reasons to be outside enjoying the softer light and quickly cooling afternoons of autumn.

Having delighted us all summer with their huge, frothy blossoms, the hydrangeas must be cut back not only to prepare them for next season, but to keep them from outgrowing their allotted space in the yard.


Cut and loaded on the garden cart, they make a lovely bouquet,


leaving bare canes until spring.


Having enjoyed the Parkinsonia tree all summer,


the carpenter bees have gone wherever carpenter bees go in the fall, leaving behind a pile of sawdust at their front door.



Pomegranates are ready to be picked and brought indoors, where their seeds will delight taste buds and stain little mouths and fingers.


Fruit that has begun to split will be left on the tree as bird feeders where they will be picked clean through the winter  by the locals.


The price for the delightful fall colors of the deciduous trees…..


the ultimate fall chore:  raking leaves.



and the leaves keep falling…………………..happy Saturday!

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  1. Charlotte Williams

    Charming fall comments w/nice photos accompanying text. Charlotte Williams

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