Seasons of life

The past few days have been a microcosm of life…….the birth of a baby and the remembrance of a loved one gone on to heaven. 

Having greeted our great grandson,


we set out on an eight hour drive north to honor our cousin and her family.  As we drove, the amazing beauty of the Salinas Valley offered both joy and consolation.







Once again the Master Designer has provided beauty and comfort.


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6 responses to “Seasons of life

  1. Karen

    Like you I have the joy of a new grandson and the sadness of knowing my mother probably will not make another Christmas. I am so torn between happiness and sorrow. Life is not always easy. So full of joy and right back at you with heartache. I try to love every day I can be with her and then every day I can be with Sam

    • Wherever we encounter great love in life, we also find great pain from separation, estrangement, loss… This is the human condition, and speaks to our need for faith. You are so wise, Karen, to cherish each moment with your loved ones!

  2. Karen Watkins

    Susan, I’m so sorry for your family’s loss, but happy that you have a beautiful new baby in your lives! Jim joins me in sending our love to you and Bruce.

    • Karen, thank you so much for sending your love and Jim’s! How I would love to see you both in person! (Also, would love to see the ‘Karen’ who also commented – a dear friend from high school that I have not seen since 1965!)

  3. Susan, I had goose bumps reading your post and seeing the photos you included. My heart and thoughts are with you in the sorrow and joy. The Master is providing……..xo Jackie

  4. Jackie, thank you so much for reading and commenting!! So, so wonderful to know that marvelous people like you are ‘out there’ sharing the joys and sorrows and faith of life. Blessings to you! I look forward to some time to thoroughly visit your website!

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