The gift of roots

Always interested in family history, I have now become the family historian.


A favorite quote from ‘Healing Old Wounds’ by Judy Ryden speaks to my love of the subject:

“All children deserve two things: one is roots, the other is wings.”

As the ‘children’ have gotten older and found their wings, they, and their spouses and children have become more interested in their roots.  Beginning with Christmas 2001, and every year since, I have given a segment of their history to each one interested.  Choosing an individual or two,

I copy pictures,







newspaper clippings,


– all things pertinent, interesting and many times, beautiful. 

To this I add short written summary or vignette of the ancestor’s life,


then a ‘Key’ to explain where and how to integrate the new segment into those already given,


and wrap them with love as a gift from my heart.


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One response to “The gift of roots

  1. Karen

    I love this idea, Susan, you are such an amazing lady. I think my daughter, Seana, will pick up on that talent as she gets older. Past lives and genealogy is very dear to her heart, even now.

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