Kitchen Christmas

Life happens in the kitchen, so why not Christmas!

 we have been enjoying small celebrations in the kitchen this year before some of the family scatters…



heirloom spoons decorate the tree on the kitchen counter



old English ironstone pudding bowls reflect the lights on the tree


Christmas cards on the ‘bulletin board’


festive dishes ready to use


simple touches of green evoke the spirit of the season



 tiny nativity figures for small fingers


to tell the greatest story of all!!!


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3 responses to “Kitchen Christmas

  1. Karen

    Our Christmas is filled with snow and bundling up to go out in the snow and off to see Christmas lights in the city. Calgary is where we are spending Christmas with the two loves of our lives. Rod and I are smitten with the little smiles and constant jabbering of little Sam. Last night I found the perfect first Christmas tree ornament for our little one, and when we got home we hung it on the tree. Today christmas baking with the older kids. Sydney and I have already made surprise cookies and church windows. Now on to shortbread and chocolate cringles!!!! Merry Christmas….

  2. Merry Christmas to you, Karen, and to all your family!!! Enjoy every precious moment!

  3. Charlotte Williams

    I can smell the roses and Christmas tree greens. Unique tree with the antique spoons–love it. I can see you sipping tea, reading a book or having a heart to heart chat with a friend at your kitchen (?) table. Have a wonderful holiday and hope to see you in 2014. Treasure each moment with family and friends. Cheers, Charlotte
    PS I’m still collecting heart shaped beach rocks—not enough to take to “the kids” this Christmas. So I’m not under any pressure to get a container—will free my mind for non-tradition ideas.

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