yin and yang

yin and yang:  two parts bound together as a mutual whole

En route on our most recent trip to Paris, I stumbled upon a small article in a design magazine announcing an event to open the next day at the Musee des Arts Decoratifs, at the Louvre:


The next morning, after a Metro ride and many requests for directions once we arrived at the Louvre, we found ourselves on the sidewalk, in a short line to view the exhibit.  Although photography was not allowed, you can imagine:  Paris + Louvre + Ralph Lauren = the most incredible car show imaginable!!!!  We were amazed to learn that the cars had been placed inside the building by crane, each car presented on its own thick marble slab.  Around the perimeter, videos were being shown of some of the cars in action.  Postcards were available showcasing many of the cars, individually.  I purchased a good number and mailed them off to car afficionados at home.

Unpacking upon our return several weeks later, I discovered that I still had two of the postcards.  These two cars have become the descriptors of the yin and yang of my ancestry:  English and Italian.  They so aptly illustrate the two sides of who I am – self-discovery can come in odd ways……..





I leave it you to fill in the descriptions……………!!!!

see more and even listen to the engines at http://www.ralphlaurencarcollection.com


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2 responses to “yin and yang

  1. Karen Blake

    I aspire to have the presence and stability of the Bentley but I know I too have the hidden desire to have the “devil may care” sassy,
    Alfa Romeo hidden deep inside me too…..

  2. Karen, I love your comment!!! You totally ‘got it’, and put it into words so well!

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