Meanwhile back at the ranch…episode 16

To borrow a turn of phrase from A.A. Milne…


For Christmas 2012 our youngest son presented this barn owl box to his father.  Made to exact specifications from vintage wood, it came with high expectations for occupancy.  After much research, discussion, and planning, the box was put up in, what we hoped, was just the right spot:  facing east over an open field and in a position to be viewed from the house.


The House at Pooh Corner* immediately came to mind!!


the book given to me by my Grandpa Downs – Christmas 1947


the story of the characters in the Hundred Acre Wood


including the spelling-challenged Wol


who after the wind blows down the tree in which he lived, moves into the Wolery


Just yesterday we spotted a barn owl, looking much like the ones pictured below, fly into the box!!!


Such excitement in the neighborhood!!!

*The House at Pooh Corner by A.A. Milne, Illustrated by E.H. Shepard


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3 responses to “Meanwhile back at the ranch…episode 16

  1. Anna Abbey

    Good news! And better than TV any day…

  2. Karen Blake

    So exciting…we have had one owl perch on the tree off our back porch. But mostly we never see them. My husband was so interested in your “Owl Box” he loves owls, as do I. This last summer we were visited by hummingbirds. We could see them from the living room as Rod put the feeder hanging at the front porch….

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