The Art of the Pen(cil)

Have you heard the rumor that handwriting will no longer be taught in school – another casualty of 21st century technology??  If true, a tragedy indeed.  Another avenue of individual expression squelched.

I was reminded of the sense of accomplishment in learning to link letters together in very specific ways as I watched my granddaughter – so pleased with her own efforts.  Basically, she was linking printed letters into a continuous whole.  Having been taught the Palmer Method, I wrote the upper and lower case letters in cursive for her


leaving lines in between where she meticulously copied each one.


My next goal – showing her the art and individual flavor of a practiced hand….

upper case ‘T’




Upper case ‘A’




The above images taken from this document

(I don’t think there is any family connection here – just a lovely old piece that somehow ended up in my collection….)




My great great grandfather’s will – in my opinion a work of art as well as a family treasure




~I hope to inspire her to see penmanship as art; to practice with diligence and flair~

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  1. Anna Abbey

    Love this–we need to save handwriting!

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