Update from the Wolery…episode 16e

‘in which the ‘box’ is a very busy place…’

Happily our owl couple has more or less resumed the schedule to which we had become accustomed.  Taking into account daylight savings time and ever-lengthening days, we are now treated to their presence at about 8 pm.

Highlights since the last episode…………..

The third owl (who made an appearance in episode 16b) returned briefly,


and again was warned away.


Very, very loud  squawking from inside the box – lest you think hatchlings, it is a very mature, single voice.

By day, the top of the box has become a favorite landing spot for all manner of other birds.



blue jays, always with a ‘beak-ful’ of something


mockingbirds, the entertainers of the bird world


sweet and gentle doves


Illustrations by E. H. Shepard

Color plates by J.J. Audubon for ‘The Birds of America’

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One response to “Update from the Wolery…episode 16e

  1. Anna Abbey

    Loving these Wolery posts. I constantly have birds coming to my kitchen window sill for snacks. Occasionally a bluejay will fly in and hop around on the floor, looking at me inquisitively. I’ve also had to rescue numerous hummingbirds after they have flown in. It is a wonderful experience to connect with our feathered friends!

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