Family food

On the subject of food, my family has been known to encompass my harshest critics and most ardent fans.  When they were young and eating at my table every night, I might hear ‘good dinner, Mom’ as the table was being cleared – on other occasions ‘don’t bother to make that again’.  When the numbers were large, it was difficult to please every palate.  Now when they return for family dinners, along with spouses and children, I still find myself wanting to please, but with a minimum of angst…

…my strategy:  make dessert first…

lemons fresh from the trees


for a lemon cheesecake from


ingredients for the crust ready to be ground


pressed into the spring form pan


ingredients for the filling


baked and cooling


once the final course is successfully completed, I can relax and concentrate on the rest of the meal.

A final bit of the plan involves insurance against dissenters who may not like the particular dessert of the evening.  A batch of Chocolate Fudge Sauce from the Silver Palate Cookbook as part of Afogato or Hot Fudge Sundae, guarantees all will be pleased.



What’s your strategy????  I’d love to know!!!!

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