Spring blizzard

‘Blizzard’ is not a word in my experiential vocabulary!  Being a California girl, the prospect was exciting.  Arriving on Martha’s Vineyard in the evening with a storm predicted the next day, the locals were downplaying the possibility – selfishly I was hoping….  Waking during that night to howling wind, I was not disappointed!

Morning provided this scene


through windowpanes rimmed with ice.


Snow blown against the house by gale-force winds.


 The storm abated, night descended, color returned.




Glorious color!!!!!!

–  first in a series from a recent trip to Martha’s Vineyard –


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3 responses to “Spring blizzard

  1. Blizzard, is a word living in New York that I have had to use too many times. This has been a long winter and I am looking forward to summer. However that being said your photographs are beautiful.

  2. Suzanne Bingham

    Thank you for sharing these wonderful pictures of Martha’s Vineyard, I love the snowy stormy weather and the beauty of the colorful Sun! So Beautiful ! Looking forward for more!

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