A wintry walk in spring

Brew a cup of tea, find your favorite spot, join me for a beach walk!

Although the calendar has already marked the first day of spring, the weather tells a different story.  Martha’s Vineyard is still held tightly in winter’s grip.  Even so, the sound of breakers invites us to bundle warmly and set out.

Familiar landmarks remain, assuring us that we have passed this way before.



A cold, battering wind has sucked all color from the landscape.


Sky, blue-gray rolling waves, and shore are bound together by mist, blurring hue, erasing definition….an ethereal beauty.



sea foam and wet sand provide contrast.


On the pond side of the dunes, the sand is sculpted by the lapping of water as the level rises and falls with the tides.


Amazingly, the grasses still stand, burned by the wind and frozen by the snow.


An inspiration…….a yearning for green.

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One response to “A wintry walk in spring

  1. Karen Blake

    Great pictures, Susie…you have a talent for art in many categories. The pictures put me right at the spot. Love them!

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