Meanwhile back at the ranch…episode 18

A hush has come over the orchard….trees in a state of resignation.  Spring has come and nearly gone, taking with it the possibility of rain.


The field,  yellow with mustard just several weeks ago,


now brown.


Preparing for yet another family wedding here in July…a lovely reason to spend quality time with my trees.

Some have bravely put out new leaves,


and blossoms, in the naive belief that irrigation can replace rainfall.


Dew provides the only natural moisture.


Others have let go less hardy branches to conserve strength for healthier parts.


As I snip off dead wood and dry leaves, we talk, the trees and I, of drawing from our inner strength, minimizing self-inflicted stress, focusing on the future…

…and we pray for rain.

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One response to “Meanwhile back at the ranch…episode 18

  1. Karen Blake

    Good advice on so many levels!

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