Dreams do come true………part 1

Since childhood I have been captivated by a good mystery!   Charlie Chan (Warner Oland was my favorite in the role), and Sherlock Holmes with Basil Rathbone, always won out over the Mouseketeers.  I day-dreamed of afternoon tea at 221 B Baker Street with Sherlock and Dr. Watson, served by their landlady, Mrs. Hudson.

Though not on film when I was a child, the mystery on the train was my favorite – yes, the Orient Express!  To step back in time when travel was a grand adventure, to be savored as part of the experience, not just a means to an end.

A recent chance encounter with M. Hercule Poirot on PBS….with murder on the quintessential train, recaptured the essence of the dream…..


Planning a significant anniversary sojourn in Europe some years ago – from Paris to Venice to Zagreb to Zurich – how best to travel from Paris to Venice….on the Venice Simplon Orient Express of course!!!!


the Gare de Lyon in Paris,


the restaurant – Le Train Bleu,


the storied train.






Our compartment…


the sumptuous upholstery and the antimacassar


‘dressing’ for dinner



music and digestifs in the lounge…..


all the while anticipating the night to be spent in the upper berth….reading….Agatha Christie’s  Murder on the Orient Express!!!!

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  1. Very nice photographs. Enjoyed your posting.

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