My Women of Influence…Gail

Gail is just my age, a second cousin once removed, and a beloved friend.  She fits my definition of  women who have influenced my life:

‘inspired, nurtured, loved, set the bar high, blazed the trail, lived with grace, risen to the task, used their gifts, modeled kindness, exhibited joie de vivre.’

She has the gift of music and has set the bar high for herself,


even decorating with musical instruments,



all the while inspiring others, especially children through her participation as a docent in the Music Van program.  The Music Van is a mobile music classroom filled with orchestral instruments which visits local third grade classrooms, allowing the students hands on experience with the instruments.


The accordion is her forte.





She participates in accordion bands, performs solo, and delights family, friends, our community and beyond with her music.



True to our heritage she keeps the Italian culinary tradition alive.

See  posts ‘Italian Feasts…Part 1 and Part 2’

From the oven in her yard come amazing pizzas, usually served as a first course, always with other delights to follow.



Her love of travel has taken her to many places.  Because she can trace her lineage through a male relative to Italy, to her delight, she was able to obtain an Italian passport!


Wonderful travel adventures together…

life milestones celebrated…

so blessed to share the journey!!!


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5 responses to “My Women of Influence…Gail

  1. Gail Campanella

    Oh Susan, THANK YOU! You have made this a TREASURE for me. I love you! Gail

  2. Alice MacDonald

    Wow! What a beautifully crafted page about a beautiful woman and friend. Thanks so much. Alice M.

  3. Carolyn Gritt

    Oh Susan, this is so beautiful and truly a treasure for our beloved Gail. She is everything you have indicated and more.
    Thank you so much

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