Exercising the art of friendship

Working out at the gym is not only great for the body and mind…great friendships can be exercised as well.  Such has been my experience with Roxy.  She diligently exercises, and in the same spirit practices the art of friendship…often using art as an expression of  her caring.  Over the years I have not only had the pleasure of her company while stretching and lifting, but have been the recipient of bits of her art commemorating various life events.

a thank you


welcome home from Provence



celebrating my granddaughter




marking a significant birthday


sharing her love of horses


I treasure the art – I treasure the friendship!!!


Filed under Art, Family history

2 responses to “Exercising the art of friendship

  1. Julia Gladstone

    Love these paintings and artwork and the am wonderful bind you share between you a Haven Rose! Xo

  2. James Mattinson

    Dear Susan,

    Jim here — Roxy is overwhelmed and speechless, so I am writing this reply. No one has ever done anything like this for Roxy, and she is profoundly touched. Thank you!!


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