Connected in time and space…part 4


George Wallingford Downs, Jr…

first born of three sons to George Wallingford Downs and Lena Miller Downs in Mount Vernon, South Dakota in 1911…  George Sr., a widower with a six year old daughter, was 35 when he married Lena in 1909…she was 19.


(the little one is my father)


written by Lena on the back of picture:

“This is the Downs cottage.  It faces the north – but the porch is on the east.  This is where Geo. Jr. sleeps most of the time.”



Rosalyn Tureck…

born to Russian immigrants Samuel and Monya Tureck in 1914 in Chicago, Illinois, the third of three daughters…pictures of Rosalyn and her childhood home may exist – perhaps with nephews Stewart Bramson and Alan Bramowitz…?


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2 responses to “Connected in time and space…part 4

  1. olwenjonklaas

    Beautiful photos. I really like the first one – it may well have been staged by a clever photographer but it looks like a moment in time.

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