Connected in time and space…part 9

the end of the beginnings…….

In the spring of 1964, George and his brother, Lemuel Joseph Downs (my father) and their older sister Evelyn Downs Piper were reunited at our home – the last time the three surviving siblings would be in the same space… the last time we would see George.


Arriving in his white Bentley, with his ever-present bow tie, and charming demeanor, he told us of his plan to take a pied-a-terre in London – to divide his time between it and his home in Pasadena.  Always interested in my education (I was just finishing my junior year of high school), he and I talked of college and his promise to send me to the school of my choice – although he made his desires known!  Then there was the tantalizing promise of a trip ‘around the world’ upon graduation that I had been hearing about since I was a small child.

I was shy; he a bit awkward with his 17 year old niece….how I wish now for more time with him (see part 1)


Although we heard nothing of the prelude, we learned in late summer of 1964 that George and Rosalyn had married in London…



…on November 8, 1964 George Wallingford Downs, Jr. died at the age of 53.


George was in Pasadena, dining with friends…

Rosalyn was in London, about to embark on a concert tour…


Rosalyn briefly re-appeared in our lives in 1970 to play at the dedication of the Downs Laboratory of Physics (see part 1) on the Caltech campus.





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