White……a color for all seasons

Do you have a favorite spot in your home; a spot that you like to change according to the season, or just on a whim?  The welsh dresser in my dining room is my go-to for a quick fix to match my mood or the time of year.  September always sends me into fits of nostalgia, nesting, and needing a new look!  Fall provides warm color choices……..however………..here in Santa Barbara the temperature has been consistently in the 80’s or higher for weeks, and because of the on-going drought we have been looking at fall colors for months!!!!  Warm colors – orange, red, rust, – just don’t feel right on so many levels!!!



with a touch of green……..


with a bit of  bling………..


and a metallic grounding………





with inspiration from the March 2012 issue of House Beautiful – interior design by Myra Hoefer


would love to hear about your favorite spot to change up in your home when the mood strikes…………..!!!!!!!


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2 responses to “White……a color for all seasons

  1. I like the white, with just a touch of color. We live in a apartment but my wife has a few spots that she changes with seasons. However we do have a lot of white here in the winter. Sometimes way too much.

  2. I well remember your comments from last winter……..perhaps this winter we will get rain and you will have less of the white stuff!!!

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