Another glimpse of the three year old mind…

When not distracted by his ever-active older sister, my grandson and I have shared quiet times of conversation and interaction.  When not in super-hero mode with cape or mask,


he can be quite serious, even pensive.


  A warm, humid mid-summer afternoon, the two of us alone in the house; just the opportunity we needed…….would he like to assemble a paper replica of the Carousel in Paris??


Sitting on the arm of my wing chair – he is not a ‘lap’ kind of guy – we put it together, carefully and slowly, one small piece at a time, deciding that one day we would like to travel to Paris to ride together……



Showing him the paper replica of Monet’s home, Giverny

– his sister and I put that one together – 



 comparing photos in the book to ones taken on my visit to the house and gardens,






 he asks:

“how did you get there, Nona??????”


(more rectangular bushes!!!!!!!!)


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3 responses to “Another glimpse of the three year old mind…

  1. Suzanne Bingham

    I love and enjoyed this so much and Curren is just a doll! Miss seeing you let’s try to get together soon

  2. Sharon Davie

    Hello to my very talented friend, I have so enjoyed your blog that I save many. Your driftwood tree with feathers is beautiful ( I want to make one but it will take some time to collect all the feathers so I am recruiting my grandchildren.). After the holidays can we meet so I can pick your brains about what to see and do in Paris and beyond. Sad to have missed yesterday, have a joyful Christmas, Sharon

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