Christmas granola

When it comes to granola, I am a bit of a purist….homemade, crunchy, mildly sweet, with simple rather than complex flavors.  While visiting a friend’s daughter’s home in Cincinnati some time ago, I sprinkled her granola over some Greek yogurt for breakfast:  love at first bite!!!

Having made it several times since, I decided to give this batch a Christmas spirit, while still keeping its flavors distinct, if a bit exotic.

To three cups uncooked oats


add a big handful of raw almonds, chopped; along with a handful of another nut, such as walnuts or pecans, also chopped


add one third cup olive oil,


crushed cardamom seed to taste,


almond extract to taste,


and brown sugar.


Mix well; place on baking sheet in 325 degree oven until all ingredients are browned and nuts are toasted, turning often.


store in mason jars with tight fitting lids


in the pantry.




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