Meanwhile back at the ranch…episode 23

Was there a time when I wondered worried what the ‘golden years’ would bring??? YES!  With good reason……..  The house had seemed blown open, hemorrhaging children, draining the life blood of the place.  No longer did it feel like a sanctuary as it had when they were small, folded in at the end of the day, all softness and tired sweetness; or in more recent years filled with their friends, the refrigerator door always open.  Now it felt like a gaping wound, raw and tender to the touch.


This past weekend they came back ‘en mass’ to celebrate a birthday and an anniversary, both ending in zero – significant milestones.  Twenty-four in all: children, their spouses, their children and a grandchild’s child……….four generations of love,


joined by dear friends,



wine poured,



food served, entertainment provided,


pictures of the birthday boy, spanning the decades,


pictures of our life together……


We feel loved and celebrated…………but stay tuned – we are not yet ready to ride quietly into the sunset!!!



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12 responses to “Meanwhile back at the ranch…episode 23

  1. Karen Blake

    Love your memories and the pictures. You and Seana, my daughter, seemed to have picked the same road to travel. Bumpy at times but very full of life and love. What more could you ask for?

  2. Alice Birch

    It’s all just so beautiful!

  3. It looks like the house healed those wounds and became once more the home of old. However I am willing to bet that it will always be a home to many of those people in your photographs. It looks as all had a great time and I hope you have many more.

  4. Kathi

    Dear Susan, congratulations on the event filled weekend! Looks like you share an anniversary with Ellen Cresto ;). Funny how things like that happen. Many more happy times to you and Bruce! Don and I are going to be in Ventura at the end of the month for a Hebert wedding. We will try our best to get together if you are around. Would love to catch up after many years, hard to believe this will be 14 years since my dad died! Talk soon, Kathi


    • Thank you, Kathi! Our anniversary is actually the 4th, but close enough! Am so excited to hear that you are coming our way!!! I know how difficult it can be to see everyone…we’d love to have you here or I will come to wherever you are……….keep me posted!

  5. Sending love along with belated Happy Birthday wishes to Bruce, and belated Happy Anniversary wishes to both of you! Thank you for sharing the pictures and the memories with us all. This may just be my favorite of the episodes…although the birthday you share with Haven is always a joy to envision. xoxo

  6. Nancy Cosenza

    Thank you for the opprtunity to celebrate with you. We enjoyed every lovely moment, and were honored to be included. A very special day for a very special couple. Best wishes to you and Bruce.

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