Aya Wose

Asked her name when she was small, she would reply ‘Aya Wose’.  Years ago I put together a book


recording her life alphabetically with pictures and words




Perhaps ‘Aya Wose’ might become an endearing nickname…as soon as she was able she insisted on Haven Rose…and so it is





The book stays here for now…in her daddy’s boyhood room…read occasionally to her little brother.



I should have seen it coming:  ‘where is the book about me, Nona?’ asks Curren Ivorand now I have Elin Mae……….

original drawings by Roxanne Mattinson



Filed under Family history

8 responses to “Aya Wose

  1. Just way too much talent.

  2. Suzanne

    Beautiful Susan! Thanks for sharing ❤️

  3. James Mattinson


    You never cease to amaze us with your high impact and beautifully executed design. Has Curren started something–a book for every grandchild?

    I am touched that you would include and acknowledge some of my art!

    love, jmm/rx

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