Sunday soup supper

After the tumultuous celebrations of holidays, birthdays and anniversaries, the house is quiet again!

Sunday soup supper for two.

Potato Leek Soup



thinking of, and missing my small sous chefs


but I digress


saute chopped leek and potato in olive oil, add vegetable or chicken broth, simmer until vegetables are tender


puree in blender and return to heat; add heavy cream and lemon juice



serve in warm bowls; garnish with chives and lemon zest



Julia Child’s basic recipe with the addition of lemon juice, and lemon zest to serve.


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One response to “Sunday soup supper

  1. Gail Campanella

    Oh MY Gosh…….I Love the Leek Lady! You are unbelievable!! I was about to write unbeleekable 😉 Looking forward to tomorrow at D’Angelos – 9:45?

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