Use your words…exploring color

Visualizing a beautiful space, incorporating my client’s wishes and dreams, and my concept of bringing them to reality…only part of the job.  Conveying my concept to the client is the next step.  Much of this process requires words…. words of explanation, description, education, persuasion.  Since some of the needed words can be technical in nature, I have decided that a good way for me to grow in this area is to ‘tighten up’ my vocabulary – starting with the words we use about color. 

hue, tone, value, saturation…

Webster defines hue:  a gradation or variety of color, tint

 hue = color



again defined by Webster, tone:  a quality of color with reference to the degree of absorption of light, a slight modification of a given color

tone = shade of a given color



value:  a degree of lightness or darkness in a color

value = lightness or darkness of a certain color



saturation:  the degree of chroma or purity of a color, the degree of freedom from admixture with white

saturation = degree of purity of a certain color


in the classroom we would now be asked to use each word defined above in a sentence……………

‘The value of the tone of the hue is saturated.’



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3 responses to “Use your words…exploring color

  1. Kim Angelo

    Love your description and visual concepts to describe your thoughts!! Love the color choice too!!!

  2. Sharon Davie

    Great photos as illustrations…great fabrics! I would love to pay you for feedback on bathroom tile and updating my bedroom,call me when you’re in the area. Sharon

    Sent from my iPad


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