A glimpse into a four year old mind

Anticipating a visit from the four year old and his sister I covered the kitchen table with paper and put out colored markers – a big hit at a recent family dinner.


Bits of card stock, taped together in a circle (a bit of size adjustment needed)…some cutting help from Nona, and some lettering by big sister Haven…

Prince Curren was crowned


after more piecing and taping, the following proclamation was being made by the Prince himself:

“Prince Curren is vacuuming the castle”



and so a story book was born:


Four chapters (dictated to Nona, transcribed and illustrated by Haven) in which Prince Curren climbs the castle wall with his arrows and vacuum cleaner, meets Rapunzel, vacuums, dances the tango, falls in love, and marries.  The real stuff of fairy tales!!!



such an amazing age… and mind…




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3 responses to “A glimpse into a four year old mind

  1. Gail Campanella

    This is FABULOUS! You are the BEST Nona!

  2. Charlotte Willilams

    Precious. Charlotte Williams

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