Christmas Pizzelle in May

At times, circumstance dictates the rhythm of life.  Passing on a family tradition is appropriate whenever the opportunity presents itself…..’strike while the iron is hot’….the pizzelle iron that is!



Original family recipe – Cousin Joe calls this the Depression Pizzelle  – note the ‘fat content’:  butter, margarine and shortening used to make a total of 12 ounces of fat…when butter was expensive and perhaps in short supply.


 Cousin John’s amended recipe using all butter:


Served with a glass of Amaretto on a May afternoon in Austin……….lovely and delicious!!!



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2 responses to “Christmas Pizzelle in May

  1. Gail Campanella

    What a treasure! Susan, I’ll call you before we leave on Sunday. LOVE, Gail

  2. Sharon Davie

    What a wonderful blessing for both you and John to use old family memories, updating them Andy

    Sent from my iPad >

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