Overcrowding at the Wolery!

An update on happenings at the Wolery is long overdue!


My last report on March 30 was one of cautious optimism: this year’s owl couple was still in residence…much has happened since!!!

Not only one owl…


but three…and a fourth caught poking its head out in this light-enhanced photo!!!


Now imagine four owls atop the box, a fifth head emerging…and a sixth flying by delivering dinner…the menu:  a largish rat dangling by its tail!!


Our evenings are filled with the sights and sounds of their comings and goings; our dreams interrupted by the fledglings crash-landing on the roof of our house while perfecting their flying skills.  One morning before dawn, a crash…I turned to see a big baby gripping the muntins of the family room window after flying into the glass – not so hard to understand when I realized the Wolery can be seen clearly from that spot through the other side of the house.  As if to underscore the overcrowding in the box, apparently I interrupted a nap in the oak tree as I gardened today, then watched an owl fly off to a more distant tree.

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