Granting grace…

Human communication……flawed at best. 


Many years ago, adopting a phrase used often by a dear friend, changed my internal reaction and verbal response to what I hear…when I make the choice to ‘grant grace’.


Granting grace………allowing that unseen circumstance, past experience, present situation may influence the words spoken and how the words are heard.


Grace:  Webster’s definition 9 a.  – the freely given, unmerited favor and love of God.

Choosing to grant grace…even when perceived to be unmerited:  freeing, loving, elegant, attractive, merciful…


the grace of a new dawn……freely given with love


May your day be filled with moments of grace – granted and received.


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3 responses to “Granting grace…

  1. Karen

    What a dear and loving thought…may we all “granted grace”

  2. Bob Ohman

    Wonderful words, Susan

  3. Gail

    AMEN! Beautiful Susan.

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