‘Backyard’ treasures…part 2

Although John Nava’s  amazing tapestries lie 90 miles to the south in the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels in Los Angeles,  a full size test for the north wall 5 tapestry, along with  small survey of John Nava’s work has been on display at the Santa Paula Art Museum.

The test tapestry from the Communion of Saints Tapestry Cycle measures 192 x 82 inches.

stunning, moving, captivating


Nava, a graduate of the UCSB College of Creative Studies, went on to earn an MFA in Florence, Italy.

Commissioned to do the tapestries, teaching himself to work in a new way, he paints his subject, then sends the image to be loomed in Belgium.






Although the exhibit ended on November 8th, Nava’s tapestry “Lizzie with Knit Cap” has been sent to a permanent home at the Museum of Art, Design & Architecture at UCSB. 

Well worth a visit to see this extraordinary art!!!


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One response to “‘Backyard’ treasures…part 2

  1. Gail Campanella

    I didn’t know that John Nava went to UCSB ! i’ve seen his beautiful tapestries in the Cathedral. I believed he used actual faces of real people as the models for his Communion of Saints. MUST see his Lizzy with a knit cap 😉

    Love, Gail


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