A touch of Asian

Many years ago a design-savvy friend remarked:  a bit of Asian enhances any design genre.   Not only have I found this to be true…I have, over the years, become increasingly drawn to Asian art.

Artist:  Hokusai  1760 – 1849


woodblock illustration:

The Hanging Lantern of Kaya Temple

From:  “Views Along the Banks of the Sumida River”


detail of fan-shaped woodblock print

Flock of Chickens


woodblock print



Detail of woodblock illustration:

Shower on the Shin-Yanagi Bridge


woodblock print

Fuji on  a Clear Day with a Southerly Breeze

from  “Thirty-Six Views of Fuji”


Enough inspiration to drive a design project in any genre..!


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  1. Anna Abbey

    Gorgeous inspiration! Love the shots of red.

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