It’s all about the wings…

Nearing the end of their stay in our box, the owlets are climbing with great care to the top. 



Against the backdrop of other winged creatures,


flexing their wings,



retreating to security inside


or flying into the night.


I am reminded of a quote given to each of our adult children with a copy of the family history:

‘Every child deserves two things:  one is roots, the other is wings.’

We have provided roots – a barn owl box made of 100 year old barn wood – and their parents have given them wings – literally and figuratively!   God speed little ones!


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2 responses to “It’s all about the wings…

  1. Gail Campanella

    Ok, I’m crying now……… So so sweet.


  2. James Mattinson

    Dear Susan,

    Love the way you take something in your life and turn it into a eloquent metaphor.

    Please let the babies know that there are some vacancies up at our place!


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