Positive Contagion

In our world today ‘contagion’ is on every mind.  As we take steps to slow the spread, to flatten the curve, as they say, we can also create an atmosphere of positive contagion.  Walking in my new neighborhood yesterday, as the sun shone briefly in the late afternoon following rain, I was surprised by a new feeling of community.  Children out on their bikes with parents jogging alongside, couples walking dogs, and babies in strollers, lone walkers and runners.  As I passed, a smile, a nod, a word of greeting – a sense that we are in this together.  We’ve always been in this life together, whether acknowledged or not; now we have a common thread running through the fabric of our lives.

My job involves bringing beauty and order into the lives of others.  I like it to be a collaboration – my clients ideas and sensibilities, filtered through my eye, executed to our mutual satisfaction.  So many different ways exist to share beauty….a picture, a story, a thought, a word of endearment or encouragement….the list really is endless.  In the digital age in which we live, we can be contagious in a positive way, without risking the negative.

Logging in this morning, I see that I have not posted on this blog since 2017.  Many events    conspired to rob me of the joy I once had.  In 2020, in the mist of pandemic, I’m taking a fresh look at life through a very different lens and finding it more beautiful than ever.

As they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  Several weeks ago my five year old granddaughter took what we had accumulated from a bit of garden clean-up and fashioned  a still-life on the flagstone….beauty in my eyes and hers….possibly in yours as well.


I hope to continue to share that which is beautiful in my world, to reconnect with past loyal followers and make new friends.  Please respond; let me know what your world looks like today  – spread the beauty!  Be well!



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18 responses to “Positive Contagion

  1. Liz

    Love this! Take care! Xoxo


  2. Jennifer Eby

    Ahhh, a wonderful welcome. Thank you, love to you, Jennifer Eby

  3. Suzanne Bingham

    Thank you Susan, we all needed that lift. I have been turning myself to do the same. With all this outdoor beauty around us we certainly need to embrace. Our grandchildren provide so much happiness for us and whenever I need to be reminded I look at Haven Roses Rodeo pictures of her in action along w/the rest of our little ones

  4. Robert Taylor

    Yep, Good idea……..

  5. Missy Sheldon

    Thanks, Susan! Beautifully said. Hoping to see you again soon!

  6. Gail Campanella

    Thank you, Susan, for this beautiful reflection on the positive contagion! The “bonfire” is stunning. Yes, you have an amazing gift of creating beauty through collaboration. I’ve experienced it💕
    Speaking of beauty, I’m listening to/watching a (free) video stream of the Metropolitan Opera’s production of “Carmen”.
    I look forward to your next inspiration. Love you🥰.

  7. Charlotte Williams

    Hi Susan, I’m so glad you have re-instated your blog. I always found your words inspirational and the photos complimentary. Looks like your granddaughter has inherited your talent for the arts and composition. Ron and are enjoying a quieter, slower pace of life—sorting old photos, reading, listening to music, reflection, and taking walks. The ranch radiates spring with pale green leaf growth on the oaks, flowers and grasses popping up and the joyous music of birds greeting a new season. We, too, have noticed many of our neighbors out enjoying the peace and tranquility especially with fewer cars on the roads.

  8. Fran Burnside

    So glad you are back doing what you do so well! Thank you for your words of wisdom and calmness. It’s so quiet here right now as we are “the vulnerable population” and are in a semi-quarantine state as are most of the similar communities in AZ. Time to read, email friends & family, work on my art work and sit on my balcony in the sunshine watching the quail march among the plantings that are in bloom. Actually, it’s nice to be able to take a breather from the usual pace.

    • Thank you, Fran, for replying! What kind of art project are you working on??? Would love to see what you do. I think most of us are enjoying the slower pace of life at the moment….will we want to go back…..?

      • Fran Burnside

        I usually work in watercolor and co-chair the Art Group here teaching monthly classes. Lately, I have been working on colored pencil and ink pieces and just entered a local show with a piece I called “Low Tide at Elger Bay” (Camano Island, WA) where the Gough grandparents had property. My subject…beach rocks! Each rock on the beach is individual in color, pattern, and texture; worn by the effects of the tides and time. This is much like all of us. A real lesson learned through art.

  9. Susan Hughes

    Thank you dear Susan for resuming your blog that brings such beauty and thoughtful insight to our lives, in addition to our surroundings. A slower pace allows us to smile at the sun and the neighbors passing by. Grandchildren doing lessons at home, and playing board games and doing puzzles. Remember doing those? Much love to you and Bruce!

  10. Debra Stohlman

    Hello Susan,
    Welcome back! I’m looking forward to more additions to W designs!
    So many great pictures and memories you have posted over the years. Keep them coming! Hope to see you next time we are down visiting the kids.

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